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15 January 2013 @ 01:36 am
Noone's on lj anymore, right? Right.

25 February 2011 @ 01:56 am
"...the story of two people who get exactly what they want, and why it destroys them.
Dolores is too young to be making these decisions, but in another way so is Humbert, which makes it not a story about pedophiles but a story about us, because that's the dilemma: Everybody's got trapdoors and surprise parties inside, and you want to watch for that; but also, if you wait until you are perfect and he is perfect you will never ever fall in love, because nobody is ever fully grown.
Which is a good thing, because if you were perfect you wouldn't need love, because nobody would have anything you needed.And if you didn't fall in love with the inconvenience that truth entails, you would never grow or change, because that's all love is for. Shows up unannounced, rips you into tiny pieces, puts you back together slightly better than you were before."

On Lolita, from a recap of Pretty Little Liars Episode 15.  Seriously.

This just goes to prove that there are in fact intelligent people who watch PLL. Also, I need to read Lolita. 
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